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Write Essay For Me Offers “A” Essay Checklist

There are many things that contribute to a great essay and if you want to get an “A” on it, here is a checklist from Write Essay For Me Custom Writing Service that will help. If you will go over it upon completing your paper, you will greatly improve its overall appearance and structure and thus, will most likely to get a good grade.

Write Essay For Me Offers “A” Essay Checklist

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The below mentioned essay checklist is used by many tutors when they assess your paper, so if you will use it too, you will have far better chances of succeeding. So, here it is:

– Have you written the title of your essay?

– Did you identify the main critical issues of the essay?

– Did you choose the most controversial issues to write about?

– Are the points you are making logical and grouped in paragraphs?

– Is there a logical pattern in your essay? Do your paragraphs follow it?

– Would the readers be able to follow your line of thought?

– Is every point you are writing about sufficiently substantiated/argued and/or explained?

– Are there words, phrases or parts of the text that are unfamiliar to you? If so, have you used dictionary to clarify them?

– Have you made an attempt to critically analyse aspects of the essay or is it just a narrative?

– Have you used critical concepts and terms when discussing certain aspects in your essay? Are they appropriate? Is it clear what they mean?

– Did you use any quotes? If so, did you reference them and did you use them appropriately?

– How relevant is the contextual information you have used?

– Does your essay pay enough attention to specific features and/or details in discussing them?


There are also other things to check in your essay like spelling, grammar, formatting, structure, etc, but Write Essay For Me Custom Writing Service thinks that if you will consider this information, you should do fine.